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my name is heide martin and i love to play with maps.
get in touch to explore ideas of map making, graphic design, and getting lost in new ideas. get in touch to collaborate, question, converse, instigate.


armature urbanism: trail design in the contours of metropolitan infrastructure
my masters thesis looked into ideas of urban infrastructure, constructed natures, and exploring the underbellies around us. i explored techniques of mapping and representing space, distance, and relationships.
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pictures and words
my slightly out-of-date portfolio contains work i completed in school and through work in the pacific northwest, the midwest, denmark, germany, and malta.
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my story
if you want to know a bit more about where i am coming from, please check out my resume, circa 2010. what you will read is the short version – i don’t outline my time working in a stone yard in ohio or a maid in alaska. or my experience as a florist, a farm hand, a spanish teacher, a valet, a paper girl, or a bagel boiler. but that is all part of the story too.
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