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my name is selina. at 13 years old i took my first black and white photography course. i became obsessed with the process. sneaking into abandoned structures, speckled with plants, crooked wood frames, broken windows. i searched for evidence, clues to past inhabitants and activities. i searched through my lens, carefully examining every detail, focusing, clicking, taking rolls and rolls of film. spending hours in the darkroom, layering negatives, creating my own story of the history of place. i am interested in the layered experience, the palimpsest, the essence of space. memory. sense of time. the hand of every person or thing that has ever been and will experience a space and the mark it leaves behind. patina. peeling paint. if you are interested in creating work which, celebrates the unique qualities of a space, highlights memory, explores materiality, and layered meaning.. or make collages contact me….


whole systems design for the old rainier brewery turned artist community: cultivating food, culture, and community through the re-design of a rooftop network

my thesis is a visual score. it is an experiential book exploring the integration of systems, urban ecology, arts and culture in a post- industrial landscape. i propose a fun, flexible, fluid network of rooftop spaces, which harnesses the inspiring, artistic, musical energy from the interior linking it to the surrounding industrial soundscape. check it out on issuu.