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At once repulsive, and yet surprisingly alluring, derelict post-industrial sites are common entities on the edge of urban cities. They are an in-between, characterized by overlap and flux, where life and entropy challenge the assumptions of progress and time. What began by entering an apparently vacant site became a dialog with place through the embodied approach of walking. Walking was explored as an immersed investigation of a site and a physical meandering through the philosophies of place, experience, and immanence. Relying on movement and observation, this research is an account of the continual unfolding of the mutual resonance of both self and site, which are bound through the concept of place. The observations and findings are described as they applied to the process and approach of design. By walking a site as an extended series of visits, it is perceived as an encountered relationship of mutual becoming. Based on the series of visits, the design process is equally immersive and open-ended. The resulting proposal embraces the transitional relationship through a process of long-term iterative design.