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The design of trails, as the marking of imagined histories and the imposition of a graphic idea on a terrain, is an underrepresented field of research and criticism. At Inkwell, we have been digging around a bit, and spending time walking, talking, and reading on trails. Get in touch if you want to join us.

An excerpt from a recent accepted abstract and paper presentation, A Becoming Place:
“This paper outlines the ability of trails – through their inherent planning and design processes—to exist as experiential datum marking the evolution of an area through time and space. In this process-oriented approach, design of a trail is a practice of recognizing existing narratives and fostering their continued evolution. These potentials of trail design will be explored to identify an approach to the peri-urban landscape as a process of becoming. A landscape in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State will be researched and analyzed through the theoretical design of a regional trail that traces a dynamic micro-narrative of the peri-urban evolution.”

Read the full abstract:
A Becoming Place